Drag specialties releases December products

Drag Specialties has announced its December products for 2022. The new products include a Chrome Rear Axle Kit, Ignition Switch Kits, King Tour Box Pads, Brake/Mechanical Clutch Control Kits and Oil Extractors. Read more details below:

The Drag Specialties Chrome Rear Axle Kit is made of chrome-moly steel with a bright chrome finish, providing reliable support for rear wheels. The kit includes the axle, spacers, nuts and washers. Clutch Assembly

Drag specialties releases December products

Available for 09-13 FLHT/FLHR/FLHX/FLTR models for a suggested retail price of $119.95.

The Drag Specialties Ignition Switch Kits contain high-quality OEM-style replacement and three position switches. They are available for 94-11 XL models. The 07-11 style kit includes an ignition switch as well as a fork lock.

The 07-11 style kit replaces OEM #48154-05A with a suggested retail of $66.95. The 94-11 style kit includes an ignition switch only and replaces OEM #71441-94 with a suggested retail of $40.95.

The Drag Specialties Tour Box Pad allows riders to travel in style and comfort. The pads work with Harley-Davidson King Tour-Paks, the Drag Specialties Tour Box and all OEM and Drag Specialties seats.

The pads are made from molded polyurethane foam for maximum comfort and styling. They feature an Automotive-grade vinyl covering with double diamond stitching. The standard-length armrests provide comfort and assist riders mounting and dismounting their bike.

The pads are available with black, silver or red double diamond stitching for 86-13 HD Touring models with King-style tour boxes. Rubber pads and all mounting hardware is included. The pads are made in the U.S. and the suggested retail price is $396.95.

Brake/Mechanical Clutch Control Kits

Drag Specialties handlebar control kits allow riders to customize the highly visible area. Master cylinders accept OEM-style rebuild kits and have clearance to work with all 1 ¼” diameter handlebars. The complete kits include a single-disc master cylinder assembly along with a clutch lever assembly. They are designed for stock and most custom switch housings that accept OEM switches and wires.

The kits are available in chrome or matte black for 18-22 Softail models with a single disc front brake system. Suggested retail is $279.95.

The Drag Specialties oil extractor is a great tool to have in the shop. It is perfect for easy and clean removal of engine oil, transmission oil, coolant and brake fluid. The fluid extractors are manually pumped and operate by vacuum. Fluids are kept safe and sealed to avoid spills. The extractors are complete with a built-in carry handle and spout, main extraction tube, extension tubes, built-in shut off valve to prevent overfill, built-in manual pressure relief valve and a foldaway foot hold bracket. 

The oil extractors are available in two sizes – 4.0 liter for a suggested retail of $118.95 and 6.5 liter for a suggested retail of $129.95.

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Drag specialties releases December products

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