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Butter boards are having a moment on the Internet. Sure, you’ve got your cheese boards and your charcuterie boards, but now you can elevate your entertaining game by offering a butter board to your guests. Perfect for brunch or cocktail time and easy to assemble, butter boards allow for unlimited do-it-yourself creativity and look stunning on the table.

How to Assemble a Butter Board White Round Cake Drum

The Board: Wooden boards are popular, but a slate board or ceramic platter will keep butter cooler, less runny and the board will be easier to clean. 

Also recommended: A couple of butter knives to prevent double-dipping. Got to set those boundaries!

The Butter: Go for the good stuff whenever possible and unsalted is best. Keep an eye out for French or European cultured butter. Grass-fed butter such as Kerrygold is also excellent. Plan for about a quarter to half a pound of butter per board.

Cut the butter into cubes and bring it to room temperature. Place in a mixer bowl and whip it until fluffy.

Mound it onto the board and smoosh it into a circle, square or rectangle. Smooth it out with an offset spatula, much like icing a cake.

The Garnish: The sky’s the limit! Slice up some excellent crusty bread and think of a theme:

* Light & Bright: Shower the butter with chopped chives, lemon zest, red pepper flake and Maldon Sea Salt. Shingle some crunchy radishes along with crusty bread.
 * A Little Cheesy: Crumble blue cheese over the butter and add chopped chives for color. Blue cheese + butter + bread = a popular way to eat blue cheese in France, as it mellows out the bite of the blue mold. Play up salty-sweet flavors by drizzling it with honey or sprinkle some chopped candied walnuts.

* On Sweet Side: try it with cinnamon, a bit of honey and chopped roasted almonds and serve with biscuits or scones.

As we get more comfortable with communal dining experiences again, all kinds of entertaining board options are popping up. Take the butter board idea to the next level and try a board with whipped cream cheese, whipped ricotta cheese or even Nutella. There has even been evidence of frosting being used in this way, but as they say – know your audience!

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